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Thursday, November 10, 2011

WEB in Brooklyn

WEB, the young womens empowerment group formally known as TGIA, kicked off it's eighth year recently. With the loss of meeting space, the group as had to be creative as to where they can gather. They have met in diners, at parks, and for this meeting they were welcomed into the home of two of its members. We can't thank their mom enough for giving the space for the group to meet.

Leaders and WEB members alike were able to catch up on each other lives. The WEB leaders hadn't seen the young women since camp this summer, where they were all such a huge help in running our first camp at St. John's. The other purpose was to celebrate the first birthday of one of the member's child. Happy Birthday!!!

Plans are in the works for the annual WEB Thanksgiving celebration, always a highlight of the year. The Thanksgiving feast would take place in the same home again, but if anyone knows of a more permanent place where the group could meet, please let us know!

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