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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one in PV-land.  On Saturday 13 PVs converged in Emerson, NJ for the annual meeting of the PV Steering Committee.  This group of committed volunteers takes the time to go over the results of the evaluations and reunions and helps guide the program into the future.  Many lively discussions were had, new ideas were tossed around and plans were set in place. As a group they affirmed the mission and direction of the program and provided some additional guidance to us, as we move forward as a program. Many thanks to all who came.

On Sunday we had our spring PV Board Meeting, also in Emerson. The Board was updated on the current status of the program, given an update on our grant writing from our grant writer and discussed the importance and need for additional fundraising.  Thank you to all who participated whether by phone or being present.

Also, a HUGE thank you to the Kraytems for hosting the weekend. Their willingness to open up their home to the PVs (and feed us!) is a huge help to us.

After the Board Meeting we headed into Brooklyn to meet up for dinner with the young women from WEB (Womens Empowerment Brooklyn.)  It was wonderful to see them all and to catch up on their lives.  An especially good highlight was seeing Marilyn's 5 month old baby.

Our five week road trip has concluded and we are now back in our homes. It was really an amazing five weeks.  We covered 19 states, drove over 5,000 miles, spent time with numerous PVs and created an amazing amount of memories. THANK YOU!!!

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