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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feburary Volunteer Reflection

In our February PV Newsletter we included part of a reflection written by one of our volunteers,Holly Melao.  Here is the reflection in its entirety:

My interest in the PV Program began with a very dear friend and her family.  As we met occasionally throughout the year, the topic always turned to their one or two week summer adventures with the PV’s.  The purpose behind the program definitely intrigued me, but there was something else.  There was a glow.  A glow on their faces at the slightest mention of being a PV.  What was this, I wondered!

So as discussed, I decided to jump in on the adventure.  I signed up through the website. My friend briefed me on the necessary items to bring, and we were off!  Me and my three children; ages 11, 8 & 6, packed up the car and followed my friends down to West Virginia.  The children were so excited and could not wait to get there.  I, on the other hand, was confident about our mission, but would I be able to do this!  By myself, with my three kids!  After a little more that seven hours, we arrived at our destination.

As we pulled into the school, there at the main entrance stoop a group of people ready to welcome us.  As we exited the car, we were introduced to each and every person standing there.  And there was something else, there was that glow again.  The team went into action and before we knew it, our car was unpacked and we were in our assigned room.  Wow, I thought, maybe I can do this! 

Little to my surprise, what began on that very first day, were events that would touch my heart in ways I never knew.  The organization of the program was unbelievable.  Everything, from breakfast to bed, had structure to it.  And within this structure was the heart & soul of each member.  No matter if you were young or old, rich or poor, educated or not, we had our responsibilities, we all had a purpose.

As the week continued, each day brought a new awakening for me and my children.  Whether together or apart, on different job sites, you became more in touch with what being a PV was all about.  Traveling the breath-taking, winding roads, you begin to ask yourself; how will we make a difference in someone’s life today? 

Sadly as the week drew to a close, you find yourself saying, I can’t believe it.  The time has flown by!  And now it’s time to pack up and head home.  As we gather at the same door in which we entered, we sadly say our goodbyes to new members of our family.    Those same faces that I didn’t even know, one week ago, are all a part of me now.  While driving down the road, I can’t help but notice the sniffles coming from behind me.  As I smile quietly, I realize, my children’s hearts have been touched as well.  

God has blessed our family and we thank him for allowing us to share in this experience.    

Oh yes, and that glow I was talking about earlier, we all have it!!

Holly, Julia, Erik & Olivia Melao

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