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Friday, January 22, 2010

Save the Date - 3rd Annual LIVE WITH PASSION

The 3rd annual Live With Passion is coming up on Saturday, April 24, 2010.  This is our biggest fundraising event of the year.  Last year we made close to $15,000!!!  The best part is EVERYONE can take part.  We ask PVs, or friends and family of PVs to organize an event in their area on April 24th.  Then participants go out and get sponsors for the event.  The event can range from organize a walk around your neighborhood to gathering people together for a 24 hour bike/run event to gathering your fellow farmers for a planting marathon.... Put on your thinking caps and used your creativity to think of an "event" for your community.  In the past we have had walks, hikes, canoeing, planting, biking, eating and performing, just to name a few.  The best part of the day is the chance to gather together as a community and know that your fellow PVs are doing the same.

We will supply you with all the necessary info for your day's event.  In the next few weeks look for an email with brochures and sponsor sheets.   Please let us know if you think you would like to put on an event, and we do our best to support you.

A little inspiration from past events....

Washington DC - 24 Run/Bike and picnicking with Passion

Cincinnatti, OH - Walking and picnicking with Passion

Wyoming County, WV - Hiking With Passion

Tiverton, RI - Canoeing With Passion

Reading, PA - Walking with Passion

Seattle, WA - Walking with Passion

Anamoose, ND - Walking with Passion

Brooklyn, NY - Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Passion

2009 Brooklyn, NY - Voices with Passion

There are a lot more 2009 Live with Passion Event Pictures from the 17 sites I am just having trouble locating them.  Email them to us and we will include them for more inspiration....

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