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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From West Virginia to the Jersey Shore...

It has been a busy week...Tuesday we packed up the van and left our office for good in Union City, NJ. Wednesday morning we headed down to our house in Pineville to set up our new office. OK, we didn't really set it up, but everything is now in the house. We were also able to run around and do some much needed set up work as well. Unfortunately, it was a really quick trip as we headed out again on Friday morning. We do have to say however, that we think we must have hit the area during peak leaf changing season, it was absolutely gorgeous. I hope to put a few pictures up from my phone, but they don't capture the vibrant colors very well.

After getting home late Friday night, we turned around Saturday morning and headed up to the Jersey Shore for our annual fall reunion/evaluation weekend. It was a wonderful weekend, unfortunately, the weather wasn't too cooperative. But we didn't let that stop us from taking a walk down to the beach. And don't think we didn't get any work done, we spent a large part of the day on Saturday going through the evaluations and making suggestions for next summer. We were treated to a wonderful dinner on Saturday night by our gracious hostess Jo. Besides the PVs, Jo had invited members from her church who were integral in the pasta dinner fundraiser for the PVs the week before. (story still forth-coming) . It was a wonderful night and a wonderful weekend.

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